10 Useful Digital Marketing Statistics Sources


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    10 Useful Digital Marketing Statistics Sources

    1. International Telecomms Union
    ITU is the biggest international source of global trends and putting digital appliances into continental usage.

    2. Global Web Index

    The Global Web Index is a paid website that provides detailed information on the use of social networking sites by consumers globally and in different countries.

    3. SimilarWeb

    SimilarWeb is a free tool to benchmark visits to websites and mobile app usage. It shows traffic sources for individual pages with business categories and keywords in the paid Pro version.

    4. comScore

    This site shows detailed information about consumers' Internet usage and ad spend by country.

    5. OfCom


    OfCom has in-depth reports on the adoption of digital media including telecommunications and the Internet including the use of digital devices and telecommunications networks to access social media and digital.

    6. eMarketer

    Emarketer.com is a popular digital statistics aggregator for online marketers. It includes a paid option, but many free stats are also published on the blog.

    7. IAB Research

    Provide research reports on the effectiveness of online advertising and media investments.

    8. EU Eurostat (Statistics of European Union)

    EU statistics website Eurostat is the best source for Europe's overall digital technology use and in individual countries.

    9. Office for National Statistics (Statistics of the UK)

    This is a go-to source for tracking new industry trends and updates, as well as marketing case studies in your niche.

    10. Marketingcharts (Statistics of the USA)

    Marketingcharts is a well-established collection of information on technology adoption and approaches by consumers and businesses. It often features Pew Internet Statistics, one of the best sources for the latest statistics on how people use digital media and technology.

    Source: Brands Vietnam