EV Case Study: Under Armour Improved Employee Experience And Digitized Hiring Processes


My Pham

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    With this case study, let's take a peek into how Under Armour utilized technology to enhance their recruitment process and bring an overall more pleasant experience to their employees.

    The case:

    Consider the global business Under Armour, an American manufacturer of sports and casual clothing and footwear. Their ATS system received more than 30,000 resumes in a month from their 8500 workers and more than 130 global locations. As a result, hiring was a time-consuming procedure for both them and potential employees.

    The solution:

    Under Armour took advantage of a digital hiring platform, as a solution. Managers might conduct interviews with candidates using pre-recorded questions and the platform. Managers were able to call just those employees in for webcam or mobile-recorded interviews who fulfilled their criteria thanks to this screening process.

    The result:

    As a result, hiring new personnel could now be done considerably more swiftly. The length of the employment process, including the interview, was cut by 35%. Additionally, talent quality rose along with these new changes.

    The case study mentioned above demonstrates the growing trend of integrating analytics into corporate management's HR function. Additionally, the recruitment and retention procedures can be observed to benefit from this.

    The term "human resource management" is relatively new. Compared to former times, employees are treated with a lot more respect and regard today. There have been moments when employees' rights were limited and they were viewed as disposable. People had no control over how businesses were run or how they were treated, and working conditions were unpleasant. Now the changes came as a result of the industrial revolution. Businesses began to recognize the need of retaining staff for successful operations.

    Source: talentedge.com