How to Research a Company Before an Interview


Lan Nguyen

Marketing Executive

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    Going for an interview requires more than reciting past questions and answers with a partner. However, the primary consideration when preparing for an interview is to ensure that every answer is refined according to its applicability and enthusiasm towards the company. In this blog, I will be sharing with you some basic things that you need to know when it comes to interviewing of which the following are; It is essential to gather as much information as possible about the company’s culture, mission, and news.

    1. Begin with the company's website

    About Us Page

    The company information can be found on the ‘’About Us’’ web-page, where mission, vision, and values are listed. Recognizing these elements would enable you respond to questions in a manner that is consistent with the company’s vision, values and personality and demonstrate that you are the right fit for the team.

    Leadership Bios

    Recall the history of the company managers and leaders to know more of their styles and their view on the business. This might be relevant in case you have been requested to provide reasons to work under their guidance or provide more information about the organisation which you like.


    Ensure that you get familiar with the company’s products or services that are to be promoted. It demonstrates understanding of their portfolio, and more generally, it proves that one has taken the time to learn about the company and is interested in the company.

    2. Investigate Their Online Social Media Hub


    Visit the firm’s official LinkedIn account to get acquainted with the latest company news and posts from employees as well as to learn more about the firm’s organizational culture. Check activity of main workers and determine what they post to get the understanding of professional climate in the company.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    It is not rare for such platforms to reveal the company’s character and the atmosphere at the workplace. Check status updates that discuss the company, its activities or organised functions, charitable activities or achievements of the company’s employees to get a holistic view of it.

    3. Click the links below to access the Latest News and Press Releases

    Company News Section

    Most organizations today have a news section on their site or a news category to their site. These Web sites contain press releases of various organizations’ new achievements, new partnership, and new products that were produced within a certain period of time; therefore, provides an up-to-date information for the interviewee.

    Google News

    To some extent, go to google news and try typing the name of the company to check out some of the articles about the company. This may help you understand current positions and recent activities of the candidates which can always serve as good conversation starters in an interview.

    4. Check Online Reviews and Employee Feedback


    Read employee reviews on Glassdoor to get a sense of the company’s work environment, management style, and employee satisfaction. Look for recurring themes or issues that might be important to address or consider during your interview.


    Similar to Glassdoor, Indeed offers employee reviews and ratings. Pay attention to what employees appreciate and what they wish to see improved, which can help you gauge the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

    5. Understand the Industry and Competitors

    Industry Reports

    Research the industry in which the company operates. Understanding the broader context can help you discuss how the company fits within its industry and its competitive landscape.

    Competitor Analysis

    Know who the company’s main competitors are. This shows that you have a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and are prepared to discuss how the company differentiates itself.

    6. Leverage Your Network


    You should always try to talk to anyone who got a chance to work in the company or know the target company personally. There are pre-interview tips laid down by experienced employees and they can prove useful in that they directly give first-hand information regarding company culture and potential interview experience.

    Professional Groups

    Participate in niche-focused communities within your chosen industry on the online platforms such as LinkedIn. Have talks with people to get more information and details concerning the reputation of the company and the general applicability of what the company offers to the industry.

    7. Prepare Tailored Responses

    Align with the Mission

    Employ the facts you have gathered in formulating answers that will best fit the company’s mission and vision and the organizational culture. This will show the employer that you are not only eager for a new position but eager to help support the new company as well.

    Highlight Relevant Experience

    Show you were good at dealing with conflict situations referring to the company’s work and projects. This means that you can be valuable to an organisation by contributing with skills and knowledge from another field of study.

    8. Formulate Insightful Questions

    Culture and Values

    Read up on the company and its culture so that you can ask questions demonstrating your interest in embracing the organizational culture in order to assist in shaping it for the better.

    Recent Developments

    Learn about the recent news or project you discovered during your analysis and course of research. This will make expand on the notion that one is well prepared and has thought ahead in his or her undertakings.


    It is always good to prepare well before going for an interview and this means taking time to research on a company before going for an interview, this way, you will be in a better position in terms of responding to questions and also, it shows the company that you have taken your time to do some research and hence you shall be perfect for the job. As the listener, doing prior research on the company’s culture, its mission statement and what’s been happening around the company will afford one a chance to make more sense therefore make more sense and leave a good impression. Happy job hunting!